Member institutions are the main contributors to the core finances of CETAF and the CETAF General Secretariat is, currently, fully reliant on the annual subscriptions from the membership for its functioning. The annual membership fees ensure that CETAF is the premier and unique taxonomic research network of reference in Europe by promoting CETAF's objectives, facilitating outreach and lobbying efforts, increasing the efficieny of the consortium as well as the communication between its members.


Membership Fees

CETAF is unique within Europe, being the only network that is devoted to promoting taxonomic research and collections based activities. There are multiple benefits that arise from being part of a network such as CETAF that include increased contact with like organisations, access to information, collaborations, participation in joint activities and the possibility to collectively achieve things that no one institution could do alone. To become a full member of the CETAF an application, as a non-for-profit association that manages collection or consortia of  non-for-profit association, must be made to the CETAF Chair. The application form (to be filled in by each applicant institution), upon receipt by the Chair will be submitted to the CETAF Executive Committee for assessment, and when positive, their recommendation will be forwarded to the General Meeting. The General Meeting is the body that approves or otherwise the successful applications.

Become a Member

Discover the benefits of becoming a member

For those Institutions which require a certain time period to assume their financial contribution, or they are in the process of constituting a Consortium, CETAF offers the possibility of becoming an Associated Member, for a fixed term, that hold same rights as the Full Member, except for the voting in the General Meetings. Please contact the CETAF Executive Director for details.

Make a donation

Thank you for considering contributing to CETAF! It will be much appreciated by our member institutions from across Europe!

To make a public or private donation please contact the General Secretariat for further information.

External funding

At present, the CETAF General Secretariat is maintained solely through the CETAF membership fees.

Nevertheless, through its members, the Consortium is involved in a number of activities and projects that benefit from external funding and strengthen the CETAF positioning as a channel for disseminating information on projects of common interest. With the new legal entity status of CETAF as an AISBL under Belgian law, the Consortium will be able to participate in future projects as a direct partner.