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All our resources, from collections to researchers collaborate to enhance the status and quality of science.

The taxonomic facilities of CETAF play a key role in the scientific scenario by ensuring the opening of new lines of research, the support to the fundamental research that facilitates further innovative results, and the development of our knowledge and expertise. This jointly means that CETAF, mainly through its Members institutions, offers a constant flow of information, documents and papers, to press and communication services, that showcase the works carried out in the different research centres.

Please find here all the different documentation and media produced by CETAF as a Consortium:

Policy papers

CETAF, 2015. Code of Conduct and Best practice for Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS)

Price, M. J. 2014. The Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF): Exploring and documenting diversity in nature. Taxon 63(5): 1161-1163.

Neumann, et al. 2014. Access and Benefit Sharing - Global Implications for Biodiversity Research, Collections and Collection Management arising from the Nagoya Protocol. Collection Forum. Vol.28 (Sept 2014). SPNHC

San Francisco DORA, 2012. Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA). Putting  science  into  the  assessment  of  resea.

GBIF-CETAF, 2011. Memorandum of Understanding.

CETAF, 2008Position Paper on Biodiversity and Europe: the Contribution of Taxonomy and the European Taxonomic Facilities

CETAF, 2004 Position Paper. Biodiversity and Europe: the contribution of taxonomy and the European taxonomic facilities.

CETAF, 2004. Support for European Directory of Species Names.


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Stable Identifiers
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CETAF Governing Board


 CETAF 45 Governing Board Meeting Tartu, Estonia

Group picture of the participants at the 45th Governing Board meeting of CETAF at the University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden in Tartuon 15-16 May 2019.


CETAF 44 Governing Board Meeting, Bratsilava, Slovakia

Group picture of the participants at the 44th Governing Board meeting of CETAF at the Plant Science and Biodiversity Centre, Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava on 14-15 November 2018.


CETAF 43 Governing Board Meeting London, United Kingdom

Group picture of the participants at the 43rd Governing Board meeting of CETAF at the Natural History Museum, London on 25-26 April 2018.


CETAF 42 General Assembly Heraklion, Greece

Group picture of the participants at the 42nd Governing Board meeting of CETAF at the Natural History Museum of Crete - University of Crete on 3-4 October 2017.


CETAF 41 General Assembly Bonn, Germany

>> Participants of the CETAF40 Governing Board meeting held at the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig of Bonn in April 2017.

CETAF 40 General Assembly Madrid, Spain

>> Participants at the CETAF40 Governing Board meeting held at the Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid in October 2016.

CETAF 39 General Assembly Budapest, Hungary

>> Participants at the CETAF39 meeting held at the Hungarian Natural History Museum in October 2015.


CETAF 38 General Assembly Geneva, Switzerland

>> Participants at the CETAF38 meeting held at the Conservatory and Botanic Gardens of the City of Geneva in October 2015.


CETAF 37 General Assembly Meise, Belgium

>> Participants at the CETAF37 meeting held at the Botanic Garden in Meise in April 2015.

CETAF 35 General Assembly Oslo, Norway


Memorandum of understanding signed between EU BON and CETAF during the 35th General Meeting of CETAF.
MoU Signing CETAF EU BON Oslo May 2014

>> EU BON project coordinator Dr. Christoph Häuser and the Chair of CETAF, Dr. Michelle J. Price

CETAF35 Oslo May14 LR>> Participants at the CETAF 35 meeting held in Oslo, Norway.
Venue at  the Munch Museum in May 2014 on behalf of the host Institution: UiO:Natural History Museum Oslo.

CETAF 34 General Assembly Edinburgh, Scotland

CETAF34 Edinburgh Sept13>> Participants at the CETAF34 meeting held at the Royal Botanic Garden  Edinburgh in September 2013.


CETAF 33 General Assembly Berlin, Germany

CETAF33 Berlin April13
>> Participants at the CETAF33 meeting held at the Natural History Museum of  BerlinApril  2013.

CETAF Trademark


The logo is inspired by a phylogenetic tree, a commonly used tool to represent taxonomic linkage and the interrelationships between different types of organisms.

In the same logic, the different branches in the CETAF logo represent the complexity of the work carried by CETAF and its Member Institutions.

The CETAF logo merges a figurative mark and the CETAF acronym. The five sub-layers of our logo’s taxonomic tree represent the 5 letters of CETAF. The font used was specially conceived for this logo, which allows for consistency in the geometry of the logo. The inner circle that marks the starting point of the taxonomic symbol also shapes the C of the acronym CETAF.